General information

Zwolle is a lively city with a population of more than 120,000. It boasts a beautiful city centre with historic buildings, canals and the remainders of an old city wall.

But Zwolle has more to offer than just historic landmarks. The city is also rich in art and culture. It has two large theatre locations, ‘Odeon’ and ‘De Spiegel’, as well as a small narrative theatre and unique cinema. The Zwolle art route takes visitors along the city’s numerous studios and galleries, and art lovers will also find plenty to enjoy at the Stedelijk Museum and Museum De Fundatie.

Shopping streets

Zwolle has great shopping facilities. There are charming shopping streets in the centre, where large chain stores alternate with small specialty shops. There are also plenty of culinary delights to be found in and around the centre, ranging from top restaurants like 'De Librije' to bistros and cafés.

During the annual ‘Culinary Zwolle’ event, reputable restaurants from Zwolle and the surrounding area present their specialties to the public amidst a festive ambiance.


The municipality of Zwolle feels very strongly about the nature found in and around the city. Not only will you find plenty of green spaces, but the municipality also maintains its natural beauty in an innovative fashion.

Zwolle was voted the 'greenest' city in Europe during the ‘Entente Florale’ horticultural competition in 2006. According to the jury, Zwolle provides plenty of options when it comes to recreation and tourism in a natural environment.


With nearly eightyfive thousand jobs, Zwolle is also an excellent source of employment. Most jobs are found in the health and care industry, public administration and business services.

The ICT and logistics sectors are also well developed and have the potential to continue growing. The employed population of Zwolle is younger than the overall Dutch average. Zwolle has more than forty thousand intermediate vocational and higher vocational students, many of whom also find their first job here.