Information on the coronavirus in English and other languages

The Municipality of Zwolle, inhabitants, entrepreneurs and other organizations work together to prevent the coronavirus from spreading any further. On this webpage you will find information about the national measures, changes to our municipal service and measures to help entrepreneurs.

National measures

Measures are being taken by the national government to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. More information about the measures and other information from the Dutch Government about the coronavirus can be found on


The Municipality of Zwolle follows the advice of the Dutch Government about wearing face-masks. We ask you urgently to wear a face mask in our municipal locations, for example when you visit the city office (Stadskantoor) or the social district teams (Sociaal wijkteams).

Changes to our municipal service

You can visit the city office (Stadskantoor, Lübeckplein 2) by appointment only.

We only handle urgent requests. You can arrange many things yourself on our website.

If you want to make an appointment please call 14038 (5 numbers).

Stay at home and postpone your appointment when you’re feeling sick, suffer from symptoms of a common cold or flu, are coughing or developing a fever.

Do you have any questions about our municipal service? Please call 14038 (5 numbers).

Social district team / Sociaal wijkteam

Some locations of the social district team (Sociaal wijkteam) are open. Please, check the website for the locations and walk-in hours. If you are receiving help or need help from the social district team, you can reach people also by phone on workingdays (mo - fri) between 9.00 and 17.00 hours. Please call (038) - 498 99 80.

Information for entrepreneurs

The measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus affect your business and employees. The Dutch government and the municipality of Zwolle are taking measures to help entrepreneurs.

  • Measures from the national government can be found on:
  • The Regional Office for the Self-employed Zwolle / Regionaal bureau Zelfstandigen Zwolle (RBZ) is helping self-employed professionals who need income support. You can contact them through the contact form on their website:
  • Entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals and sport-, district and cultural services can request a deferral of payment for municipal taxes.

If you have questions about the measures or the consequences of the coronavirus for your company please contact our account managers. You can call  (038) - 498 32 66 or send an e-mail to

Other languages

Information about the coronavirus in Turkish, Tigrinya, Arabic, Polish, Farsi, Chinese and Somali can be found on