Business climate

Zwolle is an inspiring and relaxed city, for both residents and entrepreneurs. Zwolle is doing well economically. Due to its central location between the west and north, Zwolle has been one of the best economically performing cities in the country for years. A relatively young working population, low level of unemployment and a high work ethics make Zwolle a healthy working city.

Vital location to establish

Zwolle is fertile ground for new companies. Figuratively fertile, due to the wide range of services offered by the municipality and the welcoming attitude towards businesspeople. Literally fertile, providing custom-made space for sustainable entrepreneurial ambition: At the A28 industrial sites, Hessenpoort and Voorsterpoort, Hanzeland station site and the Oosterenk-Watersteeg business park.

Zwolle being a pleasant city to live in makes it even more attractive as the place to establish new companies and institutes.

Pleasant city to live in

In Zwolle we work to improve quality of life. Quality is taken into consideration when we work to make the city a pleasant place to visit, to grow up in, to live a good life and to grow old in. Zwolle actively invests in music, theatre, education, healthcare and sports. For our own residents but also for the region.

The Isala Clinic hospital, a ultramodern building, and other institutions make Zwolle an important healthcare centre.

No-nonsense and positive business approach

The typical Zwolle business culture of the city is characterised by having an open, no-nonsense, positive and honest business approach and by combining strengths. Zwolle - as a green residential city with many options - is also attractive to employees.

Strong regional position

Zwolle has a strong regional position with a wide diversity of companies. Nationally operating commercial service providers like ABN AMRO, Deloitte, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Essent, Engie, Abbott, Euroma and Zehnder Group have established their regional offices in Zwolle.

Numerous other (logistics) companies have distribution centers in Zwolle, including Wehkamp, TNT Post, Albert Heijn, GLS and DHL.

Facts and figures

  • Total number inhabitants: approx 129 000
  • Percentage inhabitants with university degree: 44%
  • Average age inhabitants: 39,6 years old
  • Number of jobs: approx. 96.000